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Club and Program Overview

The Club

  • The initial club name was  Dakota REV — "Dakota" is the county in which we started, and "REV" is an acronym for "Rosemount, Eastview and Apple Valley," the area from which the REV South branch serves. Growth has resulted in REV meaning Respect, Excellence, Victory and the club now includes REV  East serving St. Paul and Mendota Heights. 
  • REV is a volunteer, non-profit organization.
  • The club sponsors traveling teams through the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and USClub  each Summer and Fall season.
  • REV South is a part of the MYSA South District while REV East is in the MYSA East  In rare circumstances, MYSA will place a REV team in another District
  • MYSA and USClub schedules league play for REV traveling teams.
  • The club reserves and pays for fields for all home games played by REV teams.
  • The club supports organized training for all of its registered youth players and teams.
  • The club provides additional seasonal and year-round training where costs are in addition to seasonal registration. Playing levels determine if these programs are mandatory or optional participation.
  • The club strives to develop teams in an environment consistently competing at the competitive, premier, regional and national levels.
  • The club seeks to identify, attract and retain players of a high caliber of play consistent with the competitive guidelines of MYSA, USClub and US Youth Soccer.
  • The club provides uniforms for players to purchase, and nets, corner flags, first aid kits to all of its teams.
  • The club accepts registration without regard to race, gender or skill level.
  • Financial aid is available to qualifying players and families. Applications for financial aid are confidential.

REV Programs

REV has soccer playing and training programs for all ages, play and commitment levels.  Team formations and training programs are segregated by age groups and team during the different season of the calendar.    Four different programs are consistent through the year and plays move between them based on age, play  and commitment level.


Academy Teams are the highest level of play for each age group and require the highest level of commitment

Competitive Teams include all teams that are not Academy and generally play at the C2 or C3 level but can compete at higher levels in some cases, the team’s training levels vary however many train as much as Academy teams


U9/U10  teams form on a twice yearly to account for different development levels and to provide the chance to “try” soccer without the year long commitment  U9/U10 teams range from Academy level to the “Just Learning” levels of play.

REVvies Rec Program is a recreational program for grades Pre-K to 5th grade.  Little REVvies is now part of the REVvies program.